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The Five Things you Need to Keep Warm on the Coldest of Days

When it's ridiculously cold outside there are some things that will make all the difference to whether you stay snug and warm or not.  We're not talking about central heating and electric blankets here, but the items

Our Alpaca Thermal Socks are best for Warm Feet

When the chilly weather really sets in and you're in danger of cold wet feet every time you step out of the door, you need our luxurious alpaca blend thermal walking/hiking (or mountaineering) socks to ensure your feet keep really warm 

The Best Socks for Cold Weather

As the days get chillier and feet get colder it becomes more and more important to find the very best socks for warm feet, because cold feet always mean cold everything else.  At night or during the day, to have warm feet is imperative.  Here's what we recommend......

Alpaca Bed Socks vs Cashmere Bed Socks - Why Alpaca Wins

Posted 30.03.2017 -
There's nothing like slipping your feet into a pair of luxury bed socks when it's chilly outside, or if you just suffer from cold feet at any time of year.  We have luxurious alpaca bed socks for women, men and children and we know, because they're our best selling socks, how much you love them.  But why would you choose alpaca over cashmere?  Here are all the answers.....

The Best Everyday Socks for Warm Weather

When the sun comes out and it's warm outside, we pride ourselves on offering the best moisture wicking everyday or work socks for everyone that fit in your normal shoes.

How to Pick the Best Hiking and Walking Socks

Posted 25.04.2018 -
The best hiking and walking socks will keep your feet dry and warm, last for a while before you need to wash them and be comfortable for as long as you want to wear them.

Alpaca vs Cashmere - How to Choose

When you think of a luxury sweater, wrap or pair of bed socks you probably think that cashmere is the most luxurious, but there are many reasons why you should consider alpaca in the same way.

How Sheepskin Slippers are Good for your Health

Sheepskin slippers bring with them a lot of health benefits - they're not just on trend (when are they ever not?) warm, and beyond comfortable, they're an essential luxury.  Slip your feet into a pair of real sheepskin slippers and you'll never want to take them off.

How to choose socks as gifts they'll really love

Posted 10.12.2017 -
Socks as gifts fall into two categories - Firstly those which may well never get worn (and which are quite often not cheap) and secondly, a pair or pairs of socks which he or she will run off with, immediately put on their feet and wear again and again.  We know which we prefer.