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Alpaca Bed Socks vs Cashmere Bed Socks - Why Alpaca Wins

There's nothing like slipping your feet into a pair of luxury bed socks when it's chilly outside, or if you just suffer from cold feet at any time of year.  We have luxurious alpaca bed socks for women, men and children and we know, because they're our best selling socks, how much you love them.  But why would you choose alpaca over cashmere?  Here are all the answers.....

How to Choose the Right Sports Socks

Posted 13.02.2017 -
Although it's easy to think of socks as fashion accessories, in fact they're far more important than that, and having a pair of sports socks that's right for whatever activity you're planning can make all the difference between ending the day with comfy feet or blisters - which, if you've ever had them, will spoil most things you want to do for days

Alpaca Fur Hats Now 35% Off!

Posted 18.01.2017 -
Come and have a browse through our best ever Sale, where gorgeous accessories such as cashmere wraps and alpaca fur hot water bottle covers are up to 50% off.

Very Happy New Year from all of us at Perilla

Posted 23.12.2016 -

We'd like to wish our lovely customers a Happy New Year.  May you all be warm and cosy in your Perilla socks and have a lovely time.'s cold out there - our 10 favourite cold weather accessories from bed socks to sheepskin gloves

It's reached that time of year when it's unthinkable to go outside without a cosy hat on, or a pair of gloves that you know for certain will keep your hands warm or a scarf as neck-warmer - we've brought together all our favourites.   Let the cold snap begin...

The Right Way to Care for your Cashmere

There's a myth that cashmere is difficult to care for - if you look after it properly it will last you for years and years and become softer with wear.  Here's our guide to how to look after your cashmere.

Alpaca Bed Socks Are Now In

Posted 26.10.2016 - bed socks - cosy bed socks
It is beginning to look more like Autumn now with the colder longer nights so time to get out those bed socks. With the exception of some gorgeous new long striped bed socks, everything else is now in stock and the perfect time to shop your favourite colours. 

Sheer Cashmere Stoles

Posted 18.08.2016 -
Kanchenjunga stole: A rare cashmere yarn from cashmere goats on the Kanchenjunga mountain that is so exquisitely fine it makes these pieces virtually weightless; with short frayed ends. Perfect for Caribbean weddings and holidays. Click here

Come And See Us At Countryfile Live

Posted 22.07.2016 -
Please come and see us at Countryfile Live from Thursday to Sunday at the glorious Blenheim Palace. Our stand is within a large area called The Village Green and we are stand VG223.  We would be so pleased to meet some of our loyal customers.

Try Our Alpaca Sock Seconds For Half Price!

Posted 23.06.2016 -
It's that time of year again when we have a few seconds to offer our customers. This is a great way for those who have not yet had the joy of alpaca socks to give them a go at half their normal price.