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Alpaca Fur Hat Sale First Time Ever!

Posted 12.12.2015 -
For the first time ever our Luxury Alpaca Fur Hats are now 40% off please go to Luxury Alpaca Hats  The skins for these are from baby alpaca that have died through natural causes, normally hypothermia in the short rainy season.

At last! Alpaca Fur Hats Are Here

The timing could not be more perfect! We have been waiting for our most popular colours of alpaca fur hats being Taupe and Champagne and they will be with us by the last week of November.

Sheepskin Slippers Are Here

All our winter stock is now coming in thick and fast and the first to arrive are sheepskin slippers from Shepherd of Sweden. Beautifully made and sublimely soft please have a look in our Home & Living section and men's accessories

Gorgeous Kanchenjunga Cashmere Stoles

Posted 26.06.2015 -
At last we have the most fabulous fine cashmere stoles that are so fine and sheer that they are virtually weightless. Have a look here - there is a vast colour range in these but we thought we would just try a few pastels first!

Fathers' Day at Perilla

No sooner have you got Mothers' Day done and dusted does Fathers' Day loom on the horizon. I always feel a bit sorry for men, they just don't seem to have the choice in clothing that women have but we do try to help by offering 100% baby alpaca sweaters in unusual colours.

Bed socks and other things to help you sleep

Posted 12.03.2015 - bed socks - things to help you sleep
There's nothing worse than lying in bed trying to get to sleep.  We've all done it, cold, stress, caffeine and other things make something that ought to be easy, harder, and once you get into a pattern of not going to sleep easily, insomnia can become a habit.

Yahoo, Perilla Lilac Alpaca Bed Socks Back In Stock!

Posted 20.02.2015 - alpaca bed socks - cosy bed socks

For all the devotees of our palest lilac alpaca bed socks, I am delighted to tell you that they are now back in stock.

Standard Alpaca Fur Hats From Perilla

Posted 31.01.2015 - Alpaca Fur Hats at Perilla
Just a few standard fur hats in stock at the much lower price of £135.00 in damson, grey and champagne so grab one quickly before they are all gone.

Perilla Sale Now Started!

Posted 20.12.2014 -

We never put our socks in our January sale though as they take so long to get made the last thing we want to do is let them go at a discounted price. However we have lots of other goodies to offer to make way for new stock in the Spring.