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The Best Socks for Cold Weather

Perilla ski socks

As the days get chillier and feet get colder it becomes more and more important to find the best socks for warm feet, because cold feet always mean cold everything else.  At night or during the day, to have warm feet is imperative.

There are those who don't suffer from cold feet and those who always have cold feet, in which case we're here to help with some recommendations as to how to keep your feet warm all winter long.

Firstly we recommend that you stay away from cotton.  If your feet sweat at any time cotton will keep the moisture close to your skin and increase the possibility of chilly feet.

Secondly only wear natural wool such as our alpaca socks.  Alpaca has exceptional moisture wicking properties which keep any moisture well away from your feet.  It's also a hypoallergenic fibre and so has no lanolin, making it perfect for anyone with sensitivity to normal wool.

Alpaca Everyday Socks

Thirdly, if our bed socks, thermal socks, ski socks, and country socks don't quite keep your feet warm enough we recommend that you add an extra layer.  Try wearing a pair of our alpaca every day socks underneath a thicker pair.  These breathe naturally, wick away moisture and keep feet at a perfect temperature at all times.

Our socks should be enough to keep your feet warm with just one layer.  If you're tempted to try two, just remember that you will need to loosen the laces on your shoes, whether day shoes, sneakers or hiking boots, or go up half a size.  We definitely don't want you getting blisters.....

The best socks for cold feet are always going to be the ones that work for you and you'll find out very quickly which socks provide adequate insulation against the cold and which don't.

Here's to a warm feet winter.......