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Our Alpaca Thermal Socks are best for Warm Feet

When the chilly weather really sets in and you're in danger of cold wet feet every time you step out of the door, you need our luxurious alpaca blend thermal walking/hiking (or mountaineering) socks to ensure your feet keep really warm,  and with 19 colours to choose from - see below - and sizes for children UK1-4, then adults 5 - 13 there really is a pair for everyone.

These socks are not just for outdoor sports of course, but are perfect whatever you're doing, as with hand-linked toes for a flat finish they're exceptionally comfortable and superbly warm.

Alpaca Walking Socks

Alpaca has unique hollow fibres which have higher insulating properties than any other wool. The fibre has a low prickle factor and can be worn by those who normally cannot tolerate wool next to their skin. Another joy of our alpaca thermal socks is not only that they keep your feet warm, but Alpaca naturally repels bacteria and odour so these socks can be worn for much longer than normal wool socks before you need to wash them.

Alpaca Thermal Socks
These are our thickest, warmest all around terry looped socks so they have the same thickness throughout the sock. These are made of 75% pure alpaca and 25% nylon, which gives the socks shape. 

Alpaca is as soft as cashmere to wear but far more hard-wearing - these winter and outdoor activity socks are our favourite socks for cold weather - we don't know anyone who wouldn't love to be given a pair of these for Christmas.....