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Alpaca vs Cashmere - How to Choose

When you think of a luxury sweater, wrap or pair of bed socks you probably think that cashmere is the most luxurious, but there are many reasons why you should consider alpaca in the same way.

How Sheepskin Slippers are Good for your Health

Sheepskin slippers bring with them a lot of health benefits - they're not just on trend (when are they ever not?) warm, and beyond comfortable, they're an essential luxury.  Slip your feet into a pair of real sheepskin slippers and you'll never want to take them off.

How to choose socks as gifts they'll really love

Posted 10.12.2017 -
Socks as gifts fall into two categories - Firstly those which may well never get worn (and which are quite often not cheap) and secondly, a pair or pairs of socks which he or she will run off with, immediately put on their feet and wear again and again.  We know which we prefer.

The warmest socks for cold feet - discover the difference of alpaca

If you suffer from cold feet, poor circulation, or you just want a gorgeously warm pair of socks - alpaca has to be your choice as it the king of fibres for warmth, strength, insulation and more ...

The 4 Essential Types of Socks for your Sock Drawer

Socks are some of the most important pieces of clothing we wear every day, and yet they're probably the one we think about the least.  We spend so much time thinking about which shoes or boots, which bag or backpack

What Your Socks Say About You

Posted 18.09.2017 -
You may think, when you pull on that pair of stripey, plain grey or giraffe covered bright orange socks that that's it - they're just your socks, but actually they're not, because believe it or not everyone has a sock personality and what you've just pulled on to your feet tells everyone quite a lot about you..... Read on

How to Choose the Right Sports Socks

Posted 13.02.2017 -
Although it's easy to think of socks as fashion accessories, in fact they're far more important than that, and having a pair of sports socks that's right for whatever activity you're planning can make all the difference between ending the day with comfy feet or blisters - which, if you've ever had them, will spoil most things you want to do for days

Very Happy New Year from all of us at Perilla

Posted 23.12.2016 -

We'd like to wish our lovely customers a Happy New Year.  May you all be warm and cosy in your Perilla socks and have a lovely time.'s cold out there - our 10 favourite cold weather accessories from bed socks to sheepskin gloves

It's reached that time of year when it's unthinkable to go outside without a cosy hat on, or a pair of gloves that you know for certain will keep your hands warm or a scarf as neck-warmer - we've brought together all our favourites.   Let the cold snap begin...

The Right Way to Care for your Cashmere

Posted 05.11.2016 -
There's a myth that cashmere is difficult to care for - if you look after it properly it will last you for years and years and become softer with wear.  Here's our guide to how to look after your cashmere.