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Alpaca Bed Socks vs Cashmere Bed Socks - Why Alpaca Wins

Posted 30.03.2017 -
Perilla alpaca bed socksThere's nothing like slipping your feet into a pair of luxury bed socks when it's chilly outside, or if you just suffer from cold feet at any time of year.  We have luxurious alpaca bed socks for women, men and children for women and we know, because they're our best selling socks, how much you love all of them.  But what are the real differences?

We all know and love the feel of cashmere, and when it's chilly out there the instinct is to cuddle up in cashmere as much as possible but alpaca is becoming more and more popular.  Why is that?  

A little information about cashmere and alpaca:

Cashmere goats live mainly in China and Mongolia, in very harsh climates.  Although before the 1990s cashmere was a rare luxury and very expensive, there are now many cheaper cashmere sweaters on the market causing a boom in demand.  At the same time availability is being affected by unusually hard winters in recent years so prices are likely to rise wherever your cashmere comes from.

Just like cashmere, alpaca is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious depending on how the fibers are selected.  It's well known that it's cheaper than cashmere, but not so well known that the Incas placed a greater value on alpaca than silver and gold.  The wool from alpacas is fluffy, soft and warm and can be brushed for a fur effect, looking and feeling as luxurious as anything made from cashmere.

Most alpacas live in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes where the ecosystem is less fragile.  They drink less water than goats, and can grow enough wool for up to five sweaters each year unlike goats which are likely to produce far less wool.

The most important thing is that alongside the emergence of cheap cashmere, the quality of alpaca products has improved, and although basic alpaca fibers have a coarser texture than cashmere fibers, carefully selected baby alpaca fibers are as soft as cashmere, have more strength and durability and the extra the plus factor that alpaca fibers are less likely to pill.

So which should you choose?  Alpaca Bed Socks or Cashmere Bed Socks?

Alpaca bed socks coloursOur 90% pure baby alpaca bed socks are our all time best selling socks and we have them in all your favourite colours.  They get better and better with wearing and they're perfect for little ones and those with sensitive skin. They wash beautifully, they don't shrink and your alpaca bed socks will last for years.

You can find instructions on how to care for your alpaca bed socks here.  And they're perfect for giving as gifts as well as well.

At the end of the day your alpaca bed socks will surprise you with their softness and durability - they will outlast any other bed socks, they're just as soft and comfortable as cashmere and they're easy to care for.  These are our all time favourite bed socks and we know from many of your comments that you agree with us.