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Why Bed Socks are Good for Your Health

Posted 28.03.2014 - Bed Socks
Bed socks are without a doubt our best selling product, not just because they're wonderfully snuggly and warm on chilly nights, but also because they've been proven to be good for your health. 

We all know that we need enough sleep and cold feet can easily keep you awake, so anyone suffering from insomnia should give a pair of bed socks a try, preferably in a natural fibre such as our luxury alpaca or cashmere.  There are a lot of bed socks around in fun designs and fuzzy man-made yarns, however these may be good for snuggling up in front of the tv, but they can do more harm than good if you wear them in bed, by making you too warm and your feet sweat (sorry, but there it is).

However bed socks don't just add another layer of warmth to your feet, they also promote healthy circulation. 
It's important to make sure that your bed socks aren't too tight as that can restrict circulation, but a perfectly fitting pair will help those with nerve damage and poor circulation just as cold will do the opposite.  We have elasticated alpaca bed socks and cashmere-bed-socks, and non elasticated bed socks for those who prefer.

Bed socks can also be helpful for those who have dry feet, as if you moisturise your feet before slipping them on and going to bed, the socks will keep the moisture in all night and you'll wake up to beautifully soft feet.  Feet become dry very easily, so this is one way to solve that problem almost without having to think about it.

Wearing bed socks can only be good for you whatever age you are, they're not just fashionable, but cosy and comfortable and will boost your circulation.  We do say, however, that as our bed socks are made from luxury yarns alpaca and cashmere if you want to keep yours around for a while we suggest that you don't wear them around the house but keep them for the use they were designed for - as bed socks.