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The 4 Essential Types of Socks for your Sock Drawer

Socks are some of the most important pieces of clothing we wear every day, and yet they're probably the one we think about the least.  We spend so much time thinking about which shoes or boots, which bag or backpack, which jacket or coat and quite simply not enough time thinking about our socks, their quality and how they have to look after our feet depending on what activity we're doing.

As we tend to wear totally different types of socks for different activities, we thought we'd break those down to the ones you wear the most, and no matter the colour or design, the ones you should be concentrating on when adding to your sock drawer.

Perilla Everyday and City Socks
1.  Firstly there's the all important Everyday sock which we also call our City Socks.  Ours are made from 55% exquisite alpaca and are suitable for everything where you want a high quality sock to wear all the time - socks for work, socks for going out in.  These are one of our best selling types of socks for obvious reasons, not too thin, not too heavy and in a superb quality alpaca and nylon blend to wear with normal shoes.  They come in a huge range of colours and we think you can't have too many pairs.

Perilla Alpaca Country Socks

2.  Then there are our Country Socks for men and women.  These are another all time favourite - there are so many activities you can wear them for from walking the dog, gardening, or anything that requires a high quality sock that comes up to your knees for wearing outdoors.  Our Country Socks are perfect to wear with your wellies.  Made from 75% alpaca and again they come in a wide range of colours from country shades such as sedge green and mulberry to brights such as red, purple and raspberry.

Perilla Walking Hiking and Mountaineering Socks

3.  Our next essential type of socks are our thermal hiking, walking, mountaineering socks.  They're available in a wide range of sizes and we also have these hiking and walking socks for women too. These really are superbly warm and wick away any moisture.  Constructed from 75% alpaca wear a pair of these inside your hiking boots and you'll never want to take them off.  They're perfect again both for walking the dog or climbing mountains, and because they're odor and bacteria repelling they can go for days between washes.

4.  Bed Socks.  If you're thinking about the socks you wear the most you can't overlook our bestselling alpaca bed socks and for some, we know, these are the most important because to have cold feet at night is just not an option.  In 90% pure baby alpaca we have these for both men and women and in a wonderful selection of colours from the palest of pastels to pillar box red and purple.  We know from our customers' reviews just how much you love these socks, and they make great gifts as well.  Our bed socks are available in sizes 1 (extra small) to 12 (size large) so there's absolutely no excuse for anything other than cosy feet at night.