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How Sheepskin Slippers are Good for your Health

Sheepskin Slippers for MenWe all love slipping our feet into a pair of snuggly sheepskin slippers - but did you know they're good for your health as well?

Sheepskin slippers bring with them a lot of health benefits - they're not just on trend (when are they ever not?) warm, and beyond comfortable.  Slip your feet into a pair of real sheepskin slippers and you'll never want to take them off.

One of the main benefits of sheepskin slippers is that because sheepskin is naturally breathable they help to regulate your Sheepskin Slip on Slippers for Childrencirculation and body temperature at any time of year.  Think of your sheepskin slippers as your natural thermostats.

Sheepskin naturally resists the wet and can absorb a great deal of moisture before it becomes damp, so they will keep your feet dry - although we don't recommend sploshing around in puddles.  And because it contains lanolin it is also hypoallergenic which is why sheepskin is so often used for baby products.

When you get into bed having just taken off your slippers you'll just be thinking how lovely it is to have warm feet, but what you should also know is that because your feet are the right temperature you'll get a better nights sleep, and we all know how important that is.

Snugly Sheepskin SlippersThere are a lot of 'faux' sheepskin slippers around but we can't stress strongly enough how important it is to have the real thing.  They may cost a little more but they'll last you for years and you'll really notice the difference.

Our sheepskin slippers (and our sheepskin mittens) are made by Shepherd of Sweden, who specialise in some of the highest quality sheepskin you'll find anywhere.  We offer sheepskin slippers for men, women and the softest sheepskin slippers for children.  Some are suitable for wearing briefly outside and others are just for indoors, so please read the description in full before you venture out....