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How to Pick the Best Hiking and Walking Socks

Posted 25.04.2018 -
Perilla Alpaca Walking Socks

If you're thinking of setting out on a hike or walk for a decent distance any time soon it's essential to have the best socks for just those activities.  If you try to put your hiking boots on with a normal pair of socks, or sports socks even, you may well find that your trusty hiking boots will probably start to rub somewhere, toes or ankle.  Good hiking boots are specially designed for the task and they require the best hiking socks.  The alternative can be sore feet and blisters for days.

Perilla Hiking Socks

We have customers who love to walk their dogs every day, muddy or not, rain or not, those who go hiking in the Lake District or the Alps and those who take it one step further and wear our socks for mountaineering.

The best hiking and walking socks are those which keep your feet warm and dry and have a high proportion of natural fibre.  Ours are made of 75% pure hard-wearing alpaca and 25% nylon, which gives the socks shape. The toes are hand-linked to give a very comfortable flat finish and they're available in sizes from 1 to 10, or X-small to large.

As alpaca naturally repels bacteria and odour our socks can be worn for a week without the need to wash them.  This makes them the perfect holiday socks.  When you do wash them be aware it is not heat that will ruin your alpaca socks but agitation, this is why it is imperative to do them on a wool cycle only in your machine – or hand wash of course. 

If you're out in the countryside walking or hiking for miles the colour of your socks shouldn't matter, but we find that our customers love the fact that we have top quality walking socks in colours such as blue, purple and raspberry as well as everyone's favourite neutrals and country colours such as sedge green and mulberry.

We firmly believe that happy hikers need comfy feet and only the best hiking socks can accomplish that.  We're sure you will agree........