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How to choose socks as gifts they'll really love

Posted 10.12.2017 -
Socks fall into two categories, particularly as gifts - Firstly those highly decorated and/or patterned socks usually made of something plastic which may well never get worn (and which are quite often not cheap) and secondly, a pair or pairs of socks, nicely wrapped, which he or she will run off with, immediately put on their feet and wear again and again.  We know which we prefer.

Thermal Hiking Socks

We love our socks particularly at this time of year, because not only are they gorgeously luxurious and they come in lots of different colours, but because there's a pair for everyone, from mountaineers and hikers, socks for dog walkers and gardeners to those who just want every day socks for lounging about at home in.

Country, walking and wellie boot socks

Because all of our socks are specially made for us we never have to worry about the quality.  These are all luxury socks and we can even offer them as gift boxed socks, whether you choose bed socks or hiking socks - and you get to choose the colours, the size and the number of pairs.  And there are gift boxed socks for everyone.

Stripey Lounging About Alpaca Bed Socks

So make a list of the people in your life you want to buy a gift for, think about what they do, what activities - or non activities - they spend their time doing and then choose a pair of socks you'll know they're really love.