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What Your Socks Say About You

Posted 18.09.2017 -

Knee Length Striped Alpaca Socks

You may think, when you pull on that pair of stripey, plain grey or giraffe covered bright orange socks that that's it - they're just your socks, but actually they're not, because believe it or not everyone has a sock personality and what you've just pulled on to your feet tells everyone quite a lot about you.

So here is what you're socks may well be saying about you.

White socks - unless you're off to play tennis these say that you're not interested in fashion in the slightest, or maybe you're having an off day and just haven't bothered. We suggest that you invest in a pair of our red Every Day Alpaca Socks to brighten things up a bit.  You'll feel better too, we promise.  Keep the white socks for the gym or tennis or as bed socks and otherwise don't wear them.  

Socks covered in crazy patterns, animals, sculls, anchors and other random designs.  These say that, unless you got out of bed with blinkers on, you're easy to talk to, possibly a little over exuberant and, particularly if you wear these for work, just a tad rebellious.  Or you're so successful if doesn't matter what anyone thinks about your socks.

Depending on how grown up you are or want to appear, if we can drag you away from crazy patterns move to something a little more stylish, such as stripes?  We particularly lovePerilla striped alpaca everyday socks our red and navy Striped Alpaca City Socks which we feel offer a touch of exuberance, loads of character and good taste all at the same time.

Striped socks - As we said above, striped socks show character and love of something just slightly different alongside good taste and subtlety.  Although of course that depends on just how brightly striped your socks are.  With striped socks you can go completely mad with colour or keep it restrained depending on how you feel and where you're going.  Striped socks never go out of fashion and if you love them you probably have a drawer full already.

Perilla Red City and Everyday Alpaca SocksColoured Socks - You'd be surprised how much the sock colour you choose says about you - and you're probably making the choice without even thinking about it.  

Vibrantly coloured socks, particularly red, show that you want to be noticed and like making a statement whereas navy blue or black may say the opposite, or they may say that you're conservative and you really don't want the conversation to go around to your socks.  They're just socks, aren't they?

No-nos for Socks
Plain white socks for anything other than sports or bed
No socks at all
Socks with sandals
Odd Socks - you really didn't bother this morning or you couldn't find a clean pair.  

Socks are to be enjoyed, they're a way of showing your mood, how you're feeling, how much fun you are, how much you want to be noticed without being too obvious with your clothes.  And you can never have too many pairs.......