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How to Choose the Right Sports Socks

Posted 13.02.2017 -
Alpaca Hiking Socks
Although it's easy to think of socks as fashion accessories, in fact they're far more important than that, and having a pair of sports socks that's right for whatever activity you're planning can make all the difference between ending the day with comfy feet or blisters - which, if you've ever had them, will spoil most things you want to do for days

Sports and sporting socks are even more important as the right ones will protect your feet from injury, reducing pressure and wicking away moisture.  When you're at the gym or out running your feet will expand, so you need socks designed with dynamic activity in mind.

We take great care when choosing socks for different activities at Perilla - all socks are not made equal, after all.  Our thermal hiking socks are designed to keep you warm and dry inside your boots, with a terry looped inner to avoid rubbing.  They're perfect for most activities including walking, hiking and mountaineering.
Alpaca Ski Socks for Men and Women
Our alpaca ski socks have ribbed sides and a cushioned sole. 
They're just what you need for skiing if you don't like to wear up to
the knee socks and one pair will keep you going for days.  They wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and cosy. Because of their construction and moisture wicking ability you don't need to pack a pair for every day which can make life a lot easier if you're packing light.

Perilla sports trainer socks
Finally there are our trainer socks.  We have tabbed trainer socks, which stops them slipping inside your trainers and are made of a mixture of alpaca and other natural and synthetic fibres.  These will keep your feet dry, and the cushioned sole will reduce impact.

Our basic trainer socks have a compression band across the arch to keep them in place, a cushioned sole and will keep your feet fresh and dry.  And of course you can machine wash and tumble dry all our trainer socks.

So the next time you're thinking of heading off to the gym or off to the slopes don't reach for the cheap socks option.  Your feet are well worth looking after and a great pair of socks will not only keep you going for longer but you'll come back with healthy feet as well.