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At Long Last We Have Combined!

Well what a weird year this had been here on the farm - in the 30 years we have been here we have never done the combining so late. We were extremely delighted to see Morris Powell in the combine harvester today I can tell you. The weather didn't do what it was supposed to do which was start off dank and misty and then burn off early afternoon. It did brighten up at about 5pm but as you can see from the photograph it was a very dull day indeed.
Next problem is to get the straw in. As you can see they gave it a try but it is still just too damp. This is not where you want to be on a farm at this time of year and we only have about 400 bales left in the barn. Tomorrow's forecast is not brilliant but we just have to keep our fingers crossed that it does not rain - if it does then we really are in trouble. We need at least 1,500 standard small bales to get through the winter.