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Hiking Socks come First for a Happy Walker

Posted 22.04.2014 - Climbing Socks - Hiking Socks - Walking Socks
The next time you start packing for a trip away that's going to involve a lot of walking or hiking spare a thought for your feet, and particularly your hiking socks, before you do anything else.

Hopefully your boots will be well worn in (otherwise you may well be heading for blisters) but get your walking or  hiking socks wrong and you'll almost certainly be in trouble.  We know for a fact that many just put on any old pair of sports socks, or daytime socks, not realising that socks need to come first in the though stakes when going out hiking. After all just think of how long it takes to get rid of a blister once you've got one, and how uncomfortable it is to go on walking with one.

Having walked practically every summer up on the moors of Scotland near Inverness we know only too well what it is to end up with socks rucked up inside our boots, socks that are just that little bit too short in the foot which means that we have numb toes for the last hour of our hike (and oh the agony later on), and socks that become damp, or too warm, or worst of all, smelly.

Now we always take a couple of pairs of alpaca walking and hiking socks with us, these are made of 75% alpaca and have a thick terry looped insides which means we can walk in them for hours - you won't get a blister with these! They naturally wick away moisture and keep your feet at a perfect temperature keeping your feet fresh and odourless at the end of the day. Alternatively of course you can take a pair of walking or hiking socks for each day of the week but alpaca fibre naturally repels odour and bacteria so you can easily wear one pair for a week. There's a reason we call these our 'long life socks'.