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Alpaca Socks For Mothers' Day March 30th

Perilla alpaca socks have been incredibly popular presents on Mothering Sunday  - our cosy bed socks are always a big hit particularly as we do unusual colours. These are particularly popular with Mother's of Mother's! Please go to the gift box section and select up to three different pairs which can be all one colour or three different colours to suit. There is still time to send to Australia and the rest of the world.


We like to keep you up to date with what is happening on the farm and at last this fabulous dry weather is drying up the land wonderfully. We will be rolling the grass fields over the weekend and even though the grass has not really kicked into growth we will probably put the horses out in the next couple of days. They have small paddocks to run around on and roll but there is not a blade of grass on them and they spend the winter on hard standing areas with "tombstone" feeders filled with haylage and mineral blocks. We like to turn them out when the ground is firm but not hard as they will all gallop around for at least half an hour which would make the most awful mess if the ground conditions were not spot on. The grass needs to be poor at this stage otherwise it is a massive shock to their systems and colic from sudden change of diet is a real possibility. We keep on feeding haylage until they basically tell us they don't need it any more. This is a picture of Polo - a very well bred Section B pony who actually just does her own thing around the farm when it is dry like this - she is the prettiest mower we have ever owned and does a marvellous job of eating the grass on the verges along the drive then takes herself into the shed at night to sleep on a nice deep bed of straw - did have to put her in a field when it was so foggy though just in case she got clobbered by a delivery van!