Alpaca - Why we love it so much

Alpaca fleece is the natural fibre harvested from the alpaca, which can be heavier, or lighter, depending in how it is spun.  It is totally natural, and we love it for the fact that it is superbly soft, water repellent and also hypo allergenic, as it contains no lanolin.  You can wear alpaca socks for a long while without needing to wash them, which makes them perfect for travellers and hikers.

Alpaca has been used in Peru for many thousands of years, long before it was introduced into European clothing manufacture and as the demand for it has gone up, so alpacas are now bred in the US, New Zealand, UK
Alpaca Country Socks and numerous other places.

We import our alpaca yarn from Peru, where you can find the highest quality available, and have it dyed in the North of England, after which it goes to the knitters, hand linkers and finishers. Every pair of socks that we sell is hand finished and each pair takes approximately nine months to produce.  Sometimes we tear our hair out if one colour goes wrong, or they're late to arrive with us.  These are such special products and we always sell them very fast - we like to offer new colours and styles each season and the range just keeps on growing.

Alpaca socks are incredibly hard wearing, and you can wash them (if you can bear to be parted from them) in your washing machine at 30 - 40 degrees (preferably in a net bag) or hand wash them.  Reshape them whilst damp, and let them dry naturally and they'll remain your friends for years.  There's more information in our Alpaca Care Guide and read more about our alpaca fibre here.

We have alpaca socks for every day, walking the dog (our Country Socks), wearing to work (City Socks) and going to sleep in (bed socks).  We also have socks for skiing, sailing, thermal blend socks and socks for wearing with your wellies.  We're constantly thinking of new colours and styles to offer you, to feed your demand for the wonderful alpaca and what we call our 'long life socks.  Little wonder we love the alpaca so much!
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