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Old Person

Posted 29.09.2011 -

I write to let let you know how delighted I am with the Alpaca socks bought from Perilla. I am a septuagenarian with serious osteo-arthritis in my knees and ankles, the pain from this condition is constant and made much worse by cold.

Last Christmas I was given a present of your Alpaca Bed Socks that enabled me to have a good night's sleep (with warm feet) for the the first time in a long time. I then bought from you the long Country Socks with equally pleasing results. As these socks are knee length they keep my legs at a very comfortable warm temperature during the day, with the result that pain is greatly diminished.

I can say no less than that the overall effects of wearing Apaca socks has been life enhancing and I offer thanks to you, along with the suggestion that you may wish to pass on word of my experience to others.
This gentleman preferred to keep name private.