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Everyday socks


Made from 55% Alpaca and 45% stretchy nylon (polyamide) these are a plain knitted sock that fit in normal shoes. A reduced ratio of alpaca is used to bring down the thickness. Even in warm weather these breathe naturally, wick away moisture and keep feet at a perfect temperature at all times. If you would prefer a little more thickness then please view our Sunday Socks which are thicker with a much more loose fit. 

They are as soft as cashmere to wear, comfortable, amazingly durable. Alpaca repels bacteria and odour so even after a hard day your feet will feel fresh. 

Alpaca has unique hollow fibres which have higher insulating properties than any other wool. The fibre has a low prickle factor and can be worn by those who normally cannot tolerate wool next to their skin. Alpaca naturally repels bacteria and odour so socks can be worn for a week without the need to wash. Embrace the arrival of Long Life Socks!

No machine made socks are suitable for swollen limbs.

Natural yarn colours - like all animals alpaca fleece colours are different on each and every one of them. Sometimes our mid grey is a bit paler, sometimes a bit darker. Charcoal can sometimes take on a slightly brown hue - these are natural, undyed colours and they vary.

If worn inside moccasins, Ugg boots or sheepskin lined slippers please be aware that abrasion will take place and thin the socks.These are purely made for everyday shoes at home and in the office. They are not designed to be worn in Neoprene either. 


We have found that alpaca socks and knitwear wash beautifully and there is no shrinkage at all, ever. We have socks that have been worn and washed regularly for many years and they are still perfect.

It is not heat that will ruin your alpaca goods but agitation, this is why it is imperative to do them on a wool cycle only in your machine – or hand wash of course.

  • Wash on a 30/40°C wool programme only.
  • No more than 1 Kilo of washing to be in machine.
  • Use wool specific detergent.
  • Wash in a net bag or pillowcase.
  • Can be washed gently by hand in tepid water with a short spin - do not rub.
  • Wash dark colours separately.
  • Reshape while damp.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Dry naturally – they do take 24 hours to air dry properly.
  • Do not dry on direct heat such as a radiator or Aga.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Can be ironed.