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Posted 04.10.2011 - security

Payment is looked after by a specialist company called SagePay and is as secure as it is possible to be.  Everything is encrypted and we never see any of your card details, nor is it stored or cached anywhere.  You will be asked for your password that you have registered on your card. This is called 3D Secure and Verified By Visa. This is to protect you from fraud and to make absolutely sure that it is you with your own card - the pop up that comes up as you go through checkout is generated by your own bank or card provider – it is between you and them and no one else.

Don't panic if you have never come across 3D Secure or Verified By Visa - not everybody has them on their website. It is just extra security for you and us. When the pop up box comes up when you are paying for your items you can register your password there and then. It is highlighted in red type - you then fill in things that other people are unlikely to know like your date of birth. It is tedious but it is there to stamp out card fraud. Call us if you have any concerns.