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Alpaca Fur Luxury Hats

Posted 01.10.2011 - Alpaca Fur Hats at Perilla

Alpaca hats love being in the snow (that's what they do best)  and fine in light rain but they do not like torrential rain.

If they get wet please allow them to dry in a cool room. Do not put on an Aga or radiator to dry, they will go hard like leather gloves.

When perfectly dry give them a brush around the band with a good quality clean hairbrush and a blow with a hair dryer on a low heat improves them enormously.

In the hot summer months put your hat into a pillowcase and put in a cool cupboard with a couple of cedar balls (or keep in the box we send) make sure that moths cannot get at them.

Tweed Hats: leave to dry and brush off when completely dry.

Wax hats: these can just be hosed off and left to dry.

Knitted alpaca and cashmere need the same treatment as all luxury fibre garments. Cool hand wash or preferably wash in a machine on a WOOL PROGRAMME ONLY up to 40 degrees C. If you make a mistake on your machine and set the wrong programme please remember most machine work on computer chips so the only way you can cancel this is to UNPLUG the machine and start afresh. We know when stuff has gone in the wrong wash.