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The Five Things you Need to Keep Warm on the Coldest of Days

When it's ridiculously cold outside there are some things that will make all the difference to whether you stay snug and warm or not.  We're not talking about central heating and electric blankets here, but the items of clothing and accessories that will protect you against the cold.

Thermal Walking Socks

Let's start with socks.  You can't stay in the same socks that you normally wear when the chill sets in, they just won't protect your feet properly whatever shoes you're wearing.  Ditch anything that's synthetic and put on a pair of our warmest alpaca walking socks to stay really warm. 

Please note that we are low on medium sizes for some colours so we also recommend our Alpaca Half Hose.  Both these thermal socks come in a wide range of colours from brights to neutrals as well as sizes for both men and women.

Sheepskin Gloves
Then on to gloves - which may seem obvious, and if you're a regular mountaineer or skier you probably already own cold insulated gloves, but for those who normally venture out into the great outdoors bare handed you really need sheepskin gloves

These are the most wonderful gloves for keeping your hands warm, whether you're out on the town or walking the dog.  We haven't found anything as good anywhere.  Ours come in black and chestnut and sizes small to large.

Cashmere pom pom beanie

Keeping your head warm.  When it's seriously cold don't go out without covering your head and your ears.  Our cashmere beanies are designed to do just that.  Even the slightest breeze on a freezing day and you'll really be feeling the cold.  We never leave the house without a cashmere beanie and again, ditch the synthetics and go for real cashmere or alpaca as nothing is quite as warm.  Do we need to mention they look good too?

For men we would recommend our hand knitted reversible alpaca beanies - just a little more rugged looking we think.....

Himalayan Cashmere Scarves
One of the most important things in the freeze is keeping your neck warm - we  have to confess to wearing a thermal roll neck under a cashmere or alpaca scarf wrapped around tightly to keep out any chills.  Our favourites are our Himalayan cashmere scarves, which measure 183 cm x 48 cm and are perfect for wrapping round and tucking inside a coat, and our baby alpaca scarves which come in plaids and plains and measure 170 cm long x 32 cm.

We've put these in our men's section but they're perfect for both men and women and come in lovely colours.  On the coldest days you really a longer and narrower scarf so you can wrap and tuck inside your coat.

Sheepskin Slipper Boots

Finally we'd like to turn to our wonderful sheepskin slipper boots.  We don't suggest that you go out on the town in them, but for keeping your feet really cosy in the house, or even on a very brief nip outdoors, there are nothing like these.  

For men we have our Oskar Sheepskin Slipper boots shown above which come in a lightish grey, oiled dark grey (antique) and cognac as shown, and for women there are our very similar Bella Slipper Boots which are available in cognac, oiled dark grey and dark brown (antique cognac).  Sizes across the two pairs from 36 to 46.

With this cold weather needless to say we're selling all our cold weather accessories very fast, so if you'd like to order please don't leave it too late.