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Our New Range of Knitwear Photographed At last!

Well it has been a long old slog getting the new range of alpaca knitwear photographed and uploaded this year but at long last I've done it. The first shoot day was with our male model doing our alpaca V neck sweaters, alpaca crew neck sweaters and alpaca cardigans. It was a lovely sunny day but the light was almost too bright (if there is such a thing!) and very harsh which makes getting the colours right so terribly difficult. We try so hard to give a realistic idea of how our knitwear really looks but it is so much harder than people realise; a duller day normally gives better results. 
I try to keep things local as much as I can and my photographer for the past three years has been Meg Hawkins from Burwarton, Shropshire. She has four children to work around so she is a very busy and talented woman. She loathes being photographed needless to say!
2nd day with Liv Ward who is at Bristol University reading law - who said models were thick! She has already got an amazing job at a prestigious law firm in Bristol ready for when she finishes in two years time.  She was great to work with and got all our cheesy jokes.  This was the light check before we started shooting in the studio. That day we wanted to be outside all day and it poured stair rods until about 3pm!  Then of course it was panic stations to get as much done as we could before the light went altogether.  Needless to say things got forgotten like showing the different looks to the new alpaca knitwear, opening the top of our new range of alpaca cardigans and knitted coats which was a shame but such is life!                                                                                 
Meg thought this was particularly funny that as we finished doing the alpaca wraps I was wearing them so I had a couple on already and holding two (it was getting a bit cold so I was happy to have a few layers) however at the end I had about six on and looked like Michelin man - that is not a shot I wish to share!   Sandra Morton