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Alpaca Socks From Perilla In The Garden

Here at Perilla we are getting very excited about our first crop of new potatoes. As with everything on the farm this year, these have come through a whole month later than what is considered normal for us on the Hereford/Worcester border. The kitchen garden looks fantastic now that we have had some serious rainfall but still enjoying the wonderful warmth as well. 


Some times the dream life of living on a wonderful farm like this does not quite pan out. Last week when the temperature was 28/30 degrees Centigrade we had no water for two days. The drought had pulled the old fashioned mains apart and there were 128 properties without water. I lugged 60 buckets of water a day to the stock who's thirst seemed insatiable - what a slog! Just as that nightmare began to fade then we had the most terrific storms that shook the house - the clouds were so dark and in so many layers it looked quite frightening. We then had no electricity for 24 hours and I had stupidly left the back door open as it was so hot and storm water had flooded the utility area. The yard looked like a lake as surface water just could not get away quick enough and we were left with a lovely sludge to clear up. 


I wondered why the birds were cracking through the sunflower seeds at such an alarming rate. Here is the culprit, a naughty Wood Pigeon,so fat it can barely fly!