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Gorgeous Roses and Socks for Gardeners At Perilla

This is a wonderful time of year, just as the sun starts coming out properly and everything on the farm looks so attractive as the roses and plants flower at their peak. 

This is a picture of the wonderful old Rambler, growing up the side wall of our office at Perilla; Paul's Himalayan Musk - just at its peak.  With the windows open we are intoxicated with the perfume. The only drawback when you convert old barns that have stood here for well over 150 years is that birds are used to coming in here which is a bit of nuisance when you have a house sparrow flying around your head and naughty things are dropping onto your computer! 

The socks we normally recommend for gardeners are the short ribbed alpaca socks but when it is so hot we suggest the everyday alpaca socks - I have been doing my gardening after 9pm when things cool down a bit but still like to wear my old jodhpur boots as I hate soil in my shoes.