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Alpaca Fur Hat Sale First Time Ever!

Posted 12.12.2015 -


For the first time ever our Luxury Alpaca Fur Hats are now 40% off please go to Luxury Alpaca Hats  The skins for these are from baby alpaca that have died through natural causes, normally hypothermia in the short rainy season.  The skins for these are getting harder and harder to source thanks to Peruvian government initiatives that are putting money into small farms to build shelters so lowering mortality rates - a far better outcome for everyone. 
For the first time we are selling these gorgeous cashmere travel wraps at a 30% discount - again, be quick as there are not very many of them. 
News from the farm;
Just having to advertise my lovely hunter eventer - just cannot keep all of them sadly. Just look at the hedge he is jumping out with the Ledbury! What a horse he has been and so sweet too. This is always the downside of breeding horses to sell - you get far to attached to them. Ridden here by Holly Eckley.