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Gorgeous Kanchenjunga Cashmere Stoles

Posted 26.06.2015 -
cashmere finest stoles
At last we have the most fabulous fine cashmere stoles that are so fine and sheer that they are virtually weightless. Have a look here - there is a vast colour range in these but we thought we would just try a few pastels first!
Great news from the farm too. Our first horse foal for 4 years! I stopped breeding horses as there were just too many horses on the market and I had no wish to add to the problem. However, this foal is for us so there are no worries there - even better it is a filly which suits us enormously. Here are Mum and foal three days after foaling. The mare did give us a bit of worry in so much as she retained her afterbirth which is considered a medical emergency in a horse after three hours - luckily I injected her with oxytocin and 20ml of Penicillin so we had a bit more time to play with but had to call the vet in after 5 hours. He knotted it up and tied in a 500ml bottle of water to give a bit of weight but not too much as to damage her. Happily it came away 7.5 hours after the birth and all is well - she is still on antibiotics just incase but the placenta was perfectly intact on inspection so hopefully there should be no further problems. The mare is called Rosa and we have not thought of name for the foal yet.