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Fathers' Day at Perilla

No sooner have you got Mothers' Day done and dusted does Fathers' Day loom on the horizon. I always feel a bit sorry for men, they just don't seem to have the choice in clothing that women have but we do try to help by offering 100% baby alpaca sweaters in unusual colours. These have been a massive hit with customers who have bought them. Not only are they incredibly stretchy and comfortable but the shape goes back as soon as they are taken off. Alpaca fibre keeps you at the perfect temperature so when it is cooler it keeps you warm and when it is warmer it keeps you cool - weird but true!
Then of course there are our amazing 82% alpaca Sunday Socks perfect for having a lovely, slouchy day around the house with the family. These were actually a mistake - they were supposed to be our city socks and the knitting machine was set up wrongly (if you saw how complicated they are you would not be surprised). Great we said, we have always wanted a less formal sock and we got one by accident! Changing the subject completely Post It notes were made by accident too - the scientist involved was trying to make bigger, tougher, stronger adhesives and ended up with an adhesive that had "removable characteristics" and the rest is history