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Yahoo, Perilla Lilac Alpaca Bed Socks Back In Stock!

Posted 20.02.2015 - alpaca bed socks - cosy bed socks
alpaca bed socks
For all the devotees of our palest lilac alpaca bed socks, I am delighted to tell you that they are now back in stock. We are just putting together the order for the forthcoming year - to say that it is a long and painful process is an understatement but we have to get the yarn bought in early to get the best grade at the right price. The Chinese are very busy buying up all luxury yarns be they alpaca to pima cotton and that in itself has pushed up the wholesale prices worldwide. We would hope that the incredibly poor farmers in Peru are feeling the benefit but I strongly suspect they are not - it will be the middle men.

News from the farm. Our super duper event horse Wolferlow Park banged his back leg badly, we think when rolling in his stable, just before Christmas. Somewhat ironic when you think of all the hair raising ditches, hedges and tree trunks he routinely jumps when BE eventing without a care in the world. The vet Ciaran Paterson X Rayed him yesterday and sadly the bone is infected and needs operating on - poor horse. The X Ray images were so perfect on Ciaran's laptop as he was taking the pictures I find it hard to believe that more vet equipment should be used by the NHS in the A & E departments! Horses are far better looked after when they are injured than people! Here he is show jumping when he was well with Alice Pearson on board.