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For One Week Only - Cashmere 25% Off

This is the first time we have ever reduced our cashmere stoles, wraps and scarves by so much but you need to be quick - this offer goes up to midnight on the 22nd January and then bang, back to normal pricing!

We had an exceptional Christmas trade this year and now it is time to do the great stock take and sort out. You would think it a relatively easy job to count packs of socks albeit that there are a minimum of three sizes and up to 15 colours in some of our ranges but you would be wrong. It is an incredibly time consuming, tiring job and so easy to make a counting mistake. Then the even harder task of working out the following year's order. One year everyone will want one particular colour/style so you double the order of that colour and everyone decides they prefer another colour the following year. 

Changing the subject completely, the horses are all getting very bored and the most valuable group of young geldings play fight most of the day. We take them off the good grazing grass during the winter months and just give each group a small paddock of about 3/4 of an acre to run around, roll and turn into a ploughed field. However when they get fed up with that they muck about in the huge shed underneath our office and packing room and you keep feeling them knock their heads on their ceiling (our floor). One of these days we are going to find a pole-axed horse lying there - you would think they had more sense than to rear up in a stable but no! 
We wish all our customers a very Happy New Year (bit late but better late than never) and thank you to so many of our loyal customers who come back to us year on year - we know our socks are great but we love it when you keep telling us and particularly when you let us know how much they have helped certain health issues.
Best wishes from Sandra Morton