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The 4 Essential Types of Socks for your Sock Drawer

Socks are some of the most important pieces of clothing we wear every day, and yet they're probably the one we think about the least.  We spend so much time thinking about which shoes or boots, which bag or backpack

Hiking Socks come First for a Happy Walker

Posted 22.04.2014 - Climbing Socks - Hiking Socks - Walking Socks
The next time you start packing for a trip away that's going to involve a lot of walking or hiking spare a thought for your feet, and particularly your hiking socks before you do anything else.

Walk and Climb Socks - Best Sellers in Summer for our Scottish Customers

Our alpaca walk and climb socks are best sellers this summer.  It may have been 80 degrees, and we're never really surprised about what our customers buy from us at different times of the year, but we've noticed that the fine weather has brought out the heartiest of our walkers and climbers in Scotland this year in particular.