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The 4 Essential Types of Socks for your Sock Drawer

Socks are some of the most important pieces of clothing we wear every day, and yet they're probably the one we think about the least.  We spend so much time thinking about which shoes or boots, which bag or backpack

What We're Wearing Today

Needless to say all this sploshing about in the mud and puddles requires two things - a great pair of wellies, and some wonderfully warm socks.  So we're wearing our fabulous Joules Wellington boots and a favourite pair of ...

Perilla Country Socks For Ride Round England!

Just had a phone call from William Reddaway who is riding his lovely horse Strider all around Britain visiting Cathedrals on his way. He rang for some more socks as the ones he has on have already done 147 days and 1,800 miles - as you might imagine, he is pretty impressed with the performance of his Pillar Box Red Perilla Country Socks!

Welcome to our New Blog at Perilla

This is our first post on our new blog at Perilla, which we hope you'll come back and visit regularly.

We'll be telling you all about our wonderful alpaca socks amongst other things, including why we use this exceptional luxuriously soft and hardwearing fibre - and why a pair of our socks will out last and out wear anything you can find elsewhere.